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65 y/o woman from Kings, Mississippi, USA
Seeking a man from 51 to 68 years old.
Im a big gal with a big smile and a big zest for life who just cant seem to find my soul partener. I love so many things in life it would fill a book not just this itty-bitty space - but we can spend the rest of our lives finding out about each other.Iim a real eccentric with a batty sence of humour and nornally see the funny side of life, but just like every one else I get my low times. I would love to find someone to share all those good bad and just lifes general routines with. You must not smoke and only drink in moderation- and not at all if booze turns your charecter bad( I had one of those before and dont want another no how, thankyou very much) if you also like to use your lady as a punch bag now and again you can also refrain from answering. But if your fun and spontaniouse, caring and sharing, tactile and loving, then just move on over this way baby cos I got plenty for you. Athough Im a big girl I would prefer a slim to normal fit guy because Im real active and its only cirstances that have made me big.( Ill tell you about it if you are genuinely interested). I work real hard to pay my way and expect a partener to be the same , Im not rich but I get by, but I will not keep a guy who sits on his butt and wont pull his weight- tough! ye maybe but Ive had to put up with these things before and Im not prepared to any more- fairs fair after all. No tv addict or sport addicts Nor addicts of any kind thankyou, just your average reasonably ballanced kind of fella (a bit quirky's fine or eccentric to a degree- you know what I mean for sure) This could go on for pages , so if you think you could cope with this nutty lady why not get in touch and we can chat about it!

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