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56 y/o woman from Ivano-Frankove, Lviv region, Ukraine
Seeking a man from 44 to 55 years old.
Strong enough for a man, made for a woman. I am interested in a life partner who can be my complement -- pray when I can't, lift me up just as much as I would lift her up. I am a deep talker -- I like to converse about theology, (I consider myself a bit of a Bible scholar and I am an out gay pastor in Columbia), the news, spirituality, and a lot of other topics. I like reading mysteries, cooking magazines, The Smithsonian and National Geographic, among many other things. I like hanging out at the zoo, the bookstores, Bed, Bath & Beyond...I also am a bit of a clown. I like acting silly. My favorite comdies are the oldies -- I Love Lucy, Carol Burnett. I also like coffee, so meeting at a StarBucks or somewhere like that is OK. I get my energy from the beach, althgough I am also awed by the mountains. Whatddaya say...intrigued? Give me a ring!

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