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47 y/o man from Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Seeking a woman from 38 to 48 years old.
TOPIC ; I have an ocean of love inside and I will give it to one person only because i need you closed to me !Please feel free to message me and let us see what can develop,,maybe? For all the SCAMMERS out their,,,I have no need for yOu to pretend to send me money,I have my money,it therefore means that I will not be sending any money for anyone,and please don't tell me your grandmother is sick or you need me to send you money ,so that you can come see me its not happening!! hahaha!! ABOUT ME ,,, I am discreet and sincere man, I believe that without frankness there’s no possibility of a good relationship between man and woman. I am kind and tender, I love taking care of my dear people, and I feel I’m ready to serious relationship .; I Enjoy being in my hammock,camping but don,t do it much since i am busy,riding bicycle, reading , Going out for walking , watch wrestling and most importantly worship time in church. IDEAL MATCH DESCRIPTION: First of all, just be yourself! I don’t have a crown on my head, and I will not demand some status or castle from you… I am in a search of a woman, who is not afraid to show his feelings, a REAL WOMAN next to whom I will be a woman, next to whom I can fully blossom like a flower… Reliable and sincere woman, ready for real relationship .

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