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36 y/o man from Tangier, Tangier, Morocco
Seeking a woman from 24 to 31 years old.
Im just a fun lovin guy, love to laugh and have been told i myself am quite funny. Im a good listener,and always there when im needed. Im a good shoulder to cry on. I love road trips even though i havent been anywhere in a long time, and i like watching movies. Im into anime a lil. playing pool and mini golf is always fun. and im always up for dinner and drinks at the pub. Anywho I'm 26 I have my ociates in Multimedia design(finally). Personality wise im one of those clark kent types, I'm always watching out for those close to me, and im there for those that need me. I am 3rd gen irish and love everything about my heritage (and want a home in Ireland), I'm an actor, a writer, a good son, an awesome brother, and hopefully one day the best father. I love to travel, even if its just to drive an hour for ice cream. My life's goal is to be a part of some great movies, have a wonderful loving family, and see the world. PROS: I am a christian (dont attend organized religion) and believe sex is best left for marriage. Im the sweetest (sometimes funniest) guy you could ever meet. Im old fashioned and romantic. I will watch romantic comedies with you and not complain. I will honestly listen to what you have to say, and comfort you when upset. I love kids, and enjoy making them laugh. Families are important to me. CONS: I dont have the body of a god(unless its budah, im not grossly fat just what youd call cuddly ), I dont have alot of money(i hope to change that soon), Im living at home while i pay off some credit card debt, and I have hypoglycemia and can get cranky when my blood sugar is low ( a beer and bite to eat is a quick fix). Heres what i believe is a recipe for a great relationship. We would be best friends, cook together and playfully fight over thestove. We would spend our nights cuddling under the stars,looking tothe heavens and voicing our dreams for tomorrow. I would make you smilewhen youve had a bad day,and encourage and support you in whatever youundertake. You would encourage me when ive had a bad day,and support mein my choices. I would call you during the day just to say I love you.You would tell me when im out of line. We would pray together beforemaking important decisions. People walking down the street would see usand wish they had our love. If there is anything else you want to know about me just ask.

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