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39 y/o man from Marion, Mississippi, USA
Seeking a woman from 26 to 44 years old.
Write a brief blurb? I must say that im looking for a friend, the kind of friend you wake up holding and don’t want to let go. That friend who likes star trek and I like star wars. That friend who goes camping with you or jumps off the rock into the river with, the friend that you can’t wait to makeout with while the sopranos are on. That friend that calls to say that the croc hunter died. That friend who enjoys being held, or that friend that sings with you in the car while not caring who is watching. That friend who rides shot gun every time. That friend who would go tubing down a river. That friend that likes to watch the stars on a clear night, that friend who knows who Kevin Arnold is and what the ‘Wonder years were. That friend that takes your shoes off when you p out. That friend to smile at across the room. That friend who I can talk too just hear her talk, that friend whose name is said with yours. That friend that your so thankful you fell in love with. That friend whom you share life.

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